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The Logitech Circle View HomeKit Secure Video camcorder has been unveiled

The Logitech Circle View HomeKit Secure Video camcorder has been unveiled

Logitech briefly revealed the existence of a successor to its popular Circle 2 camera on its website today before shooting it once the word came out. First noticed by user reddit u / D00Duk on the HomeKit subreddit, the Logitech Circle View camera, which was available for orders earlier, features a new matte-black design and support for HomeKit Secure Video.

Secure your home in a better way with the Circle View HomeKit-enabled home security camera. Designed with the best in Logitech TrueView ™ video class, a 180 ° wide field of view and built-in privacy features to provide total peace of mind, both inside and out.

The new Logitech wired camera has full HD 1080p resolution and a 180-degree field of view. Circle View includes 2 infrared LEDs for night vision, which are listed as covering a distance of up to 15 meters.

The camera has a degree of weather resistance IP64 and can be mounted on the wall both indoors and outdoors, with hardware included. Unlike the Circle 2 camera, it seems that the new offer does not have accessory supports such as a window or plow option.

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In addition to the privacy-focused HomeKit Video Security, Circle View has hardware privacy controls on board. At the back of the camera is a camera mute button that “immediately cuts both audio and video,” and the camera can simply be titled down to hide the view.

Logitech also says the camera can be set up in minutes using just the Apple Home app. It is unclear at this time whether the camera will support other platforms or the existing Logitech Circle application.

The next Circle View room was priced at $ 159 on the Logitech website. The camera was available for pre-page controls, suggesting that an official launch may be coming soon.

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