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The Lutet Casetta smart wireless motion sensor is now available to help light

The Lutet Casetta smart wireless motion sensor is now available to help light

Announced at CES 2020 in early January, the Caséta Lutron Wireless Smart Motion Sensor is now available for purchase on Amazon. Lutron’s motion sensor offers owners of Caséta wireless light switches and dimmers a hands-free way to turn on the lights just by entering a room.

The Caséta Wireless Smart Motion Sensor offers a 180-degree field of view and passive infrared sensors that detect heat to determine activity inside a room. Lutron claims that its motion detection technology, called XCT, can provide finer motion detection 3 times, making it more accurate and responsive than competitors’ offers.

The Lutron sensor is completely wireless, connecting via RF to the company’s Smart Bridge Box and is powered by a small CR123 battery. Lutron says users can expect up to 10 years of battery life with the included battery. Lutron also includes various mounting options, such as a corner bracket, in the box for easy placement around the house, but is rated for indoor use only.

Unfortunately, it seems that the sensor does not integrate with the Apple HomeKit or other smart home platforms at this time. This limits the sensor to only work with Caséta accessories for the foreseeable future, which puts a damper on what appears to be a solid device.

In addition to the motion sensor, Lutron’s future Smart Wireless repeater, which was also announced at CES, is available for pre-order on Amazon, with an estimated delivery date listed in 1-2 months. A single vacant version of the motion sensor is also in the works, which is scheduled for launch later this year.