The Meross air purifier does one thing: it purifies the air

Cupertino, December 1, 2021

Thanks to the HomeDevices app database, we knew what to expect in terms of tech features even before we got our hands on the Meross MAP100 Smart Air Purifier. Or just, not expected.

But first, let's take it in order. The Meross air purifier is available directly from the Meross online shop. We also received the unit this way. When ordering, there is a choice for an EU plug. The shipment is directly from China. However, we were confirmed that there are no shipping costs or other costs such as customs fees for the buyer. And so it was with our delivery. Only the slightly longer delivery time than perhaps used to from Amazon, so you have to accept. The device was very safely packed and protected delivered by DHL.

The Meross air purifier does one thing it purifies the

The design of the device is simple. Very simple. The plastic top is reminiscent of fan blades. But there are none. So there is nothing spinning there. Centered are four LEDs and a touch-sensitive button. With a light touch, four ventilation levels, for the fan inside the MAP100, can be controlled. Placing your finger on the button for a few seconds turns off the air purifier. The housing is made of metal, provided with decorative air intake openings and also due to the good workmanship, the device feels quite valuable.

At the bottom of the Meross air purifier is a rotating lid that gives access to the replaceable 3-stage H13 True HEPA filter. Three stages means: pre-filter that traps particles like hair and dust. HEPA filter that catches 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns fine, such as smoke, pollen, pet hair. And an active carbon filter that takes care of odors from cooking, or harmful gaseous and vaporous substances of organic origin in the air (VOCs). The filter should be replaced after 3-6 months. Of course, this depends on the air pollution and the operating time.

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With dimensions of 180 x 180 x 390 mm, the air purifier has a slim footprint and can be used for rooms up to about 19 m². The device is powered by the included power supply unit including USB-C port.

But now to why we're here. Apple HomeKit integration. We recommend going through the Meross app, as this is basically required in the event of a firmware update later on. However, if you don't want to do this, you won't be forced to and you can also add the Meross MAP100 air purifier to your home directly by simply scanning the QR code in the Home app. In some cases, it is recommended to disable the 5 GHz WLAN during setup. We initially had to struggle a bit with the integration and reset the device several times. After a few attempts, it worked.

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As far as HomeKit features go, there's actually not that much to report on, as was hinted at the beginning of our post. And with that, once again, the reference to the HomeDevices app. Just as indicated there before purchase, the Meross Air Purifier has on/off, fan speed in four levels of 25% each, and a parental lock to lock the physical button on the device. That's it. Not quite. In a HomeKit app, such as the Eve app, you can also still view and reset the filter state and use it for HomeKit automations. If you're looking for more features like a sensor for temperature, humidity, or as you might expect for a device like this, an air quality sensor, you won't find it with this air purifier. Accordingly, this device also does not have an automatic mode that takes care of the independent regulation of the fan speed.

1640967355 108 The Meross air purifier does one thing it purifies the

The word "smart" in the Meross Smart Air Purifier, is thus a matter of interpretation. We use HomeKit automation for actual smart control of this air purifier, along with an Eve Room, or optionally the Qingping Air Monitor. We'll explain how to build such a HomeKit automation to easily control an air purifier in our "Automation of the Week" series.

The Meross air purifier does one thing it purifies the

There are now six HomeKit-enabled air purifiers in Germany, so there's at least some choice for every taste, purpose and budget. In the case of the Meross MAP100 air purifier, we knew what to expect in terms of technical features because of the HomeDevices app. Whether such a device with rudimentary functions will prevail over the competition in terms of price, however, remains to be seen.

In the period from 22 to 26.12.2021 and in the new year from 01 to 15.01.2021, there is a discount promotion in the Meross Shop for various devices from the manufacturer. Exclusively for our SmartApple readers we have another 20% discount code. Use the code "smartapple" in the shopping cart and you get the air purifier for about 120,- EUR.

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