The Meross desk lamp stages itself

Cupertino, October 21, 2021

Whew! Another desk lamp? There is now a selection of such lamps from various manufacturers that can also be integrated into the HomeKit ecosystem. And even within the range of a manufacturer like Meross, there are already two models. The latest in this regard is the sleek Meross MDL110M Smart LED Desk Lamp, but it differs mainly in design from its predecessor. We have already briefly reported about the lamp when it was released, and now we could hold the good piece in our hands ourselves.

Of course, this model also satisfactorily meets the requirements that one may have for a desk lamp. The lamp relies on infinitely dimmable white and flicker-free light with adjustable color temperature between 2700 and 6000 Kelvin and 400 lumens ±10% according to the manufacturer. In HomeKit, the lamp is integrated via the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. We recommend the way via the Meross app, as this is basically required in the later case of a firmware update. However, those who do not want this are not forced and can also add the Meross MDL110M lamp directly to their home by scanning the QR code in the Home app.

The Meross desk lamp stages itself

Even though assembling the lamp doesn't actually require much skill, the Allen wrench included in the box wasn't very helpful in our case. Either the hole on the horizontal lamp rod was too small or the included screw was too big.

We could only screw the rod to the base with our own screwdriver and gentle force. This accomplished, both parts were then however firmly connected. We hope we don't have to disassemble this again sometime.

The Meross desk lamp stages itself

The lamp arm is made of aluminium, the base of plastic. On this is a touch-sensitive control surface with which the lamp can be switched on and off, dimmed and the color temperature can be switched. Thus, simple operation is possible even without an iPhone at hand. But also the control via a voice command to Siri or in an automation works quickly and smoothly.

The lamp has a height of around 41 centimeters, including the base. When unfolded, the top is also just under 41 centimeters long. We would have wished for quite a bit more height so that the lamp would fit over our iMac M1 on the desk, which is not the case as it is. However, the lamp can be bent 180° thanks to the foldable design, which offers completely different design options.

So, while taking our photos, we suddenly discovered the true beauty of this lamp. And it's not on our desk. Because folded all the way up, half open, or with the arm fully up, it creates what we think is a great accent light. And when moving the lamp back and forth for our pictures, the good piece has staged itself by the slim design, so to speak.

Thus, the Meross MDL110M becomes a side table lamp in our home, which creates a pleasant warm, indirect and glare-free lighting, especially in the evening. And if a little more and cool white light is needed, the arm is quickly folded up and Siri is shouted the command for the scene, "Hey Siri, reading light."

Currently, and until January 15, 2022, the Meross Shop is running various discount promotions on different devices from the manufacturer. If you don't want to order via Amazon, you can also relax and buy the MDL110M lamp directly in the Meross Shop and use the 10% discount code "Hello22" use. And with the discount code "SMARTAPFEL" there is even still 20% off the Meross air purifier that we featured in our past post.

Thus, we also wish for the start of the new year, all the best. 🍀

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