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The Meross LED smart bulb with HomeKit is now available

The Meross LED smart bulb with HomeKit is now available

Meross announced the launch of another HomeKit accessory today, a package of two Smart LED bulbs. The latest accessory from Meross is an affordable way to add color and comfort at home with Siri and Home apps.

  • Control light bulbs from anywhere, anytime, with the Meross app.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit / Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Line Clova, SmartThings and IFTTT.
  • Adjust the brightness, adjust the light and set the RGB colors.
  • Save up to 78.3% energy compared to an incandescent bulb with a similar brightness.
  • It works with the WiFi you already have. No hub required.

The Meross LED smart light bulb is an A19 bulb equivalent to 60 watts that can display up to 16 million different colors and shades of white. The bulb is adjustable, with settings between 2700K and 6500K and supports full dimming capabilities. Like other LED bulbs, the Meross smart light bulb is energy efficient, using only nine watts of power and has a long life expectancy of up to 22.8 years, with three hours of daily use.

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The smart light bulb connects to home networks via 2.4hz Wi-Fi without the need for a dedicated hub and can be paired directly via the iOS Home app without an account. With HomeKit, the smart light bulb can be controlled with voice commands with Siri, with the Home app, and with automations and scenes with other HomeKit-compatible accessories. HomeKit also provides remote control outside the home when combined with a HomeKit hub, such as Apple TV or HomePod.

In addition to the HomeKit, the Meross LED Smart Bulb works with Alexa Amazon, Google Assistant, IFTTT and through the Meross app, available on both iOS and Android. Through the Meross application, users can create programs and timers, plus they can be connected with other Meross smart accessories.

The Meross LED smart light bulb is sold in a two-pack for $ 25.99 and is now available for orders on Amazon. Be sure to come back soon for our full hands-on review of the smart light bulb, as well as other recent versions of Meross HomeKit.