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The previous ecobee camera can support the Apple HomeKit

The SmartCamera from ecobee has already experienced a number of leaks, and today it still brings some kindness to the FCC. In a new listing from ecobee, a sample label is displayed that suggests the still-announced camera will support the Apple HomeKit.

Apart from its name, SmartCamera with voice control and the URL that is not yet active, camera details are rare. We expect the voice control function to work just like the company’s thermostat line, using built-in microphones and built-in Amazon.

Other camera features might include a temperature sensor that allows it to work just like the ecobee room sensors, and HomeKit support would allow it to work with Siri, scenes and automation. HomeKit Secure Video, the privacy-focused camera recording feature from Apple might also be in the works, but just having another HomeKit camera on the market is great news for platform fans.

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