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The updated NetKmo HomeKit outdoor camera includes a built-in siren

The updated NetKmo HomeKit outdoor camera includes a built-in siren

Netatmo has introduced an updated version of its Smart Outdoor, HomeKit-enabled camera, which includes an integrated siren. The smart outdoor siren camera Netatmo, which is available for pre-order starting today, can now scare away potential intruders with a 105-decibel alarm and built-in light.

The outdoor room is an extremely effective security room. It is attentive to the outside of your home, both during the day and at night, due to its 15-meter infrared view and its 100 ° field of view. When the camera’s sensor detects motion, the camera determines whether it is a person, a car, an animal, or just trees swaying in the wind. For people, cars and animals, the Camera records a Full HD 1080p video and sends an alert directly to the phone via the Netatmo application, thanks to its wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi). All videos can be viewed on this mobile app, where you can also watch the outdoor camera with Sirena “Live”.

According to Netatmo, the owners of the latest camera will receive an option to manually activate the siren when a moving event occurs. The siren control will be available both in the Netatmo Security application and directly from a push notification for the event, along with a live view of the camera. Notifications can be tailored to the event, with the help of the camera image analysis function, which can eliminate unpleasant alerts from passing vehicles or animals.

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In addition to the new siren, the latest camera retains all the basic features from the original, including 1080p HD video, LED reflective light, infrared night light, motion detection and HomeKit support. The camera remains without a subscription, the recorded video being stored locally on an included 8 GB microSD card, directly on an FTP server and even in a personal Dropbox account.

The latest camera will be available for pre-order directly from Netatmo starting today in Europe, with a suggested retail price of EUR 349.99. A pre-order page for North America is listed, but not yet active on, suggesting that it may come later.

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