The Yobi B3 video button with HomeKit is now available on Amazon

Cupertino, July 28, 2020

Looks like the wait for a HomeKit-enabled video ringer for the North American market is over. Following a revelation earlier this year and a subsequent Kickstarter pre-order campaign, Yobi B3 Video Doorbell has appeared on Amazon and is available for delivery now.

Meet the Yobi B3, our first smart security camera with a ringtone, which is Apple HomeKit enabled, giving you an easier, faster and more convenient way to secure your home.

  • Yobi B3 offers two types of notifications: Motion and ringtone. When the ringtone sounds, the lock screen notification displays a moment in the video, and when you tap it, it opens Home to view the camera.
  • Two-way audio speakers with ultrasound noise cancellation: Touching to mute the microphone involves 2-way sound so you can talk to the person at the door.
  • Video Full HD 1080p: The video has infrared lights, which makes it suitable for night vision. The video turns black and white at night, compared to the color during the day.
  • The camera lens is a wide angle / fisheye type, which provides a fairly wide view of the front door area. Even when the sun shines behind the person at the door, the face is seen quite clearly, even if they are backlit.

The Yobi B3 video button is on the front porch, offering a live view in 1080p high definition resolution, with a wide field of view of 180 degrees. The doorbell has staples, such as two-way audio, with a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as infrared night vision and motion detection.

Ringtones notifications are sent through the Apple Home app, which can be set to be delivered at the push of a button on your device or for motion events. Notifications include a small image of the action and will lead users to a live view when pressed.

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However, before you jump, Yobi B3 has certain limitations that you need to be aware of. First, first of all, the ringtone does not include the ability to record videos at this time. There is no local storage and Yobi does not provide cloud storage through the Yobi application, as it is intended to be used primarily with HomeKit. The bell does not support HomeKit Secure Video and it is not known at this time if the company intends to support it in the future. The Yobi B3 also requires doorbell wiring for installation, as there is no internal battery.

While HomeKit integration is quite limited at the moment, Apple has announced additional features for this category that will come later this year in iOS 14. Features include the ability to use HomePod as door-to-door chime and notifications with a live view via Apple TV.

The Yobi B3 video button is now available through Amazon for $ 199. The bell is listed as being delivered through Prime, although stock appears to be limited. Additional information about the doorbell can be found at

-HomeKit enabled

The Yobi B3 video button with HomeKit is now available

Yobi B3 video button

See and hear who is at the door

The Yobi B3 video screen offers a live view of your front porch with 1080p HD resolution and a 180-degree field of view. Notifications can be sent directly to all iOS devices when visitors arrive, press a button, or detect motion.

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