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This is the best Apple TV deal you’ll find on Prime Day

This is the best Apple TV deal you'll find on Prime Day

This is the best Apple TV deal you’ll find on Prime Day

This is the best Apple TV deal you'll find on Prime Day

As much as we love Prime Day for its incredible accessory offerings for all of our tech devices, Amazon’s big shopping day isn’t always the best when it comes to some Apple hardware. Apple TV, in particular, is famous for keeping its value – even when new models appear – so imagine our surprise when this year’s sales brought us a real first-rate Apple TV deal.

Now available for a record price of just $ 99, you can record the previous generation Apple TV 4K via Walmart. While it may lack the new Siri Remote, Wireless Thread and updated processor capabilities you get with the latest model, the Apple TV 4K (2017) offers essentially the same experience at a much lower price. If you’re in the market for an Apple TV, this is the absolute best deal around, so don’t miss the chance to cheat before it all disappears.

Apple TV 4K and Siri remote control

Apple TV 4K | $ 60 discount at Walmart

Although not the latest and greatest model, the original Apple TV 4K can solve everything you throw away with the powerful A10X chip. Stream 4K UHD movies, binge watch your favorite shows, listen to your favorite songs and play the latest Apple Arcade games, all at a record price of just $ 99 on this first day.

Despite being the model of the previous generation, this Apple TV 4K was top-of-line set-top box from Apple’s range until just a few months ago. In fact, with the powerful A10X Fusion processor of Apple TV 4K inside, many thought of the streaming cassette as exaggerated, even years later, after its debut in 2017.

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The A10X can easily handle 4K UDH content with HDR and provides the best possible sound with Dolby Atmos support when paired with compatible speakers such as the HomePod. Speaking of HomePods, you can take full advantage of the Apple ecosystem by setting up your HomePod – or HomePod mini later this year – as the default speaker for this Apple TV 4K, creating a seamless experience all the time.

Apple Tv Review 4k

Source: Stephen Warwick / iMore

The previous-generation Apple TV also runs the same version of tvOS as the latest model and will gain all the same features this fall, such as SharePlay in tvOS 15. In addition, Apple TV 4K has access to apps from all streaming services so you can watch your favorite Disney + shows, Netflix movies, Prime Video originals or YouTube. In addition, Apple currently offers long trials for Apple TV + when you purchase selected hardware, including this Apple TV 4K.


Source: Rene Ritchie / iMore

Of course, Apple TV 4K also allows you to play the coolest Apple Arcade games with the best game controllers, stream videos from your iPhone via AirPlay, or use it as a hub for HomeKit accessories. The only thing really missing from this Apple TV 4K is the revamped Siri remote. However, even if you can’t get used to the older Siri Remote, you can always use your iPhone to control your Apple TV 4K through the Control Center.

At just $ 99, there’s never been a better time to jump into the Apple TV world. Don’t wait too long, though, because we’ve already seen it sell at this price over Amazon.

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