Top 7 Apple Watch Apps for Controlling HomeKit

Cupertino, August 2, 2023

There are a number of ways to control your Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home. The stock Home app is available on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even the Apple Watch. But you may not know that there are some additional apps to control your smart home from the Apple Watch. Here are some of the best app options for Apple Watch HomeKit control.

  1. HomeCam

    If you have multiple HomeKit-enabled cameras, viewing the feed for them takes a few steps in the stock Home app on the Apple Watch. But HomeCam puts your cameras centrally on the wearable device. Each camera is on one page in the app, just swipe left and right to see each live view. It's also easy to turn up the volume to hear what's happening and even activate the microphone to talk to others with compatible camera models. And one of the best things about the app is that it's not just for the Apple Watch. It's compatible with the Mac, iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV, so you can always keep an eye on what's going on with your Apple devices.

    Download: HomeCam ($4.99)

  2. Pushcut: Shortcut Automation

    Pushcut: Shortcut Automation makes your Apple-powered smart home even smarter. The Home app offers a number of ways to automate smart home devices, but Pushcart takes that to a new level. The headliner feature is a web API to bring more functionality to smart home devices. So, for example, when you control a particular HomeKit device, a verbose prompt pops up on your Apple Watch to perform a shortcut that isn't possible through the Home app. The free version of the app offers limited functionality, such as the ability to send notifications from HomeKit. To use all the possibilities of the app, you need a subscription. Subscribers get even more integration with the app and the ability to create dynamic notifications without restrictions and integration of HomeKit scenes and online actions like from IFTTT.

    Download: Pushcut: Shortcuts Automation (Free, subscription available)

  3. HomePass for HomeKit & Matter

    When you add a smart home device to Apple HomeKit, you need the unique security code to complete the process. Usually the code is in the manual and on the product itself. But in case of technical problems or if you want to give the device to someone else, that code is still needed. Instead of keeping those codes on a piece of paper that can get lost, HomePass for HomeKit & Matter does the work for you. After scanning the codes on the iPhone version, you can easily access the information through the Apple Watch app. The app is also available on iPad and Mac.

    Download: HomePass for HomeKit & Matter ($2.99)

  4. Controller for HomeKit

    If you're looking for a powerful replacement for Apple's Home app on all your devices, Controller for HomeKit should be at the top of your list. The app enhances the smart home control experience. The subscription option unlocks some great features such as advanced notifications, backups, widgets, logs, and support for the Apple Watch. The app experience on the watch offers quick control of various devices in the home. You can customize different screens with the scenes you activate most often. There are multiple ways to display scenes with icons and even a list, and you can also choose the color of the icon colors. Run a scene with a quick press and deactivate it with a long press. With the free version of the app on your iPhone, you can perform basic tasks such as setting up house, rooms, and zones.

    Download: Controller for HomeKit (Free, subscription available)

  5. Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

    Nest and Ecobee are two of the biggest names in smart thermostats. But you may not know that only Ecobee models are natively compatible with HomeKit. So if you have a home with both types of thermostats, you usually have to juggle two different apps on all your devices to control them. But Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee makes controlling both types easy on your Apple Watch. In addition to app control on the Apple Watch, you can also interact with both thermostats using Siri on the wearable device. With the app, changing the temperature is as easy as turning the Digital Crown. You can also quickly access the app through a watch face complication. The app is also available on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

    Download: Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee ($2.99)

  6. HomeRun 2

    Create a personalized HomeKit experience with HomeRun 2. The app removes other distractions and lets you do what's important. On the Apple Watch, the app provides quick access to custom schedules of smart home routines you might need during the day. Those routines will show up on the Siri watch face at the time of day you're most likely to need them. The headliner feature on the Apple Watch is customizable complications for a wide variety of watch faces. With a simple interface on your iPhone, you can add a specific action and even change the design and action over time. The app is also free to download for the iPad. An optional subscription unlocks additional options, such as the ability to unlock multiple grids for access on iPhone or iPad, multiple complications on a watch face, widgets on the home screen, and more.

    Download: HomeRun 2 (Free, subscription available)

  7. Emblazee

    HomeKit bulbs like the popular Philips Hue range is another great way to enjoy smart home technology. And Emblazee is all about easy control of those lights on your Apple Watch. With the app you can manage multiple homes and even create rooms, zones and scenes. You can also create triggers that activate scenes at specific times for even more automation. The app is also available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

    Download: Emblazee ($0.99)

It doesn't matter if you want to control your smart home full time with the Apple Watch or just use the wearable device to turn the occasional light on or off to do, these apps can provide exactly what you are looking for. And you don't have to worry about picking up your iPhone.

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