Top HomeKit Hubs in 2023

Cupertino, August 3, 2023

If you're a devoted iOS fan, using HomeKit to power your smart home is an easy choice. Not only does it work well with other Apple devices, but HomeKit is also compatible with a bunch of third-party products — and that selection should only get more appealing as Matter gains traction in 2023. With HomeKit, you need a HomeKit hub to serve as the brains of the operation. Your options are a little more limited than for Alexa or Google Assistant, but here's a look at the best HomeKit hubs of 2023.

HomePod mini

  • Pros
    • Computational audio optimizes the experience
    • Clean-sounding highs and mids
    • Compact size makes it discreet
  • Cons
    • Siri lacks the advanced intelligence of its competitors
    • Short power cord

If you're looking for a smart speaker that works well with HomeKit, the HomePod mini is your best bet. It offers a wide range of colors and a sleek design that blends seamlessly with most households. It integrates effortlessly with iPhone and other HomeKit devices, providing quick and easy access to your smart home. Plus, it comes at an affordable price of $99 and delivers top-notch audio performance.

Apple TV 4K

  • Pros
    • Lightning-fast navigation
    • Beautiful audio and video output
    • Packed with features
    • Extremely powerful
    • Intuitive, uncluttered interface
  • Cons
    • Several features exclusive to Apple users

The Apple TV 4K is not your typical smart home hub, but it serves as a great alternative. Placed in a central spot in your home, it can easily pick up voice commands and control your smart devices. In addition to being a HomeKit hub, it also offers access to popular streaming services and comes with a convenient remote for easy navigation.

Apple iPad Pro

  • Pros
    • Sleek and modern design
    • Bright, vibrant, gorgeous display
    • Wild performance from the M2 chip
    • Apple Pencil hover
    • iPadOS 16 is super-rugged
  • Cons
    • Stage Manager needs more work
    • Bland, clunky front camera
    • Prohibitively expensive

If you're looking for a versatile option, your iPad can double as a HomeKit hub. It provides the portability and power of a tablet, making it a convenient hub for your smart home. However, keep in mind that iPads are more expensive compared to the HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K, so consider this option if you also need a tablet or can find a refurbished one at a discounted price.

HomePod 2023

  • Pros
    • Great sound quality
    • Incredible bass performance
    • Dazzling spatial audio surround
    • Plug and Play wireless
    • Sleek design
  • Cons
    • Limited connection options
    • No direct Spotify playback

If you need a more powerful option than the HomePod mini, consider the HomePod 2023. It offers high-quality audio with impressive bass performance and spatial audio surround capabilities. With full HomeKit support and easy integration with other iOS devices, it's a great addition to your smart home. Just keep in mind that it comes at a higher price point of $299.

After installing your HomeKit hub, you can sync it with all the HomeKit-enabled gadgets in your home. For the best HomeKit devices available today, check out our roundup. And keep an eye on Matter, as it is expected to make waves in 2023.

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