Top Methods for Integrating HomeKit with Your Garage Door in 2023

Cupertino, December 1, 2023

Upgrading your HomeKit lifestyle with a smart garage door

Upgrading your HomeKit lifestyle with a smart garage door is one of the best changes you can make. For a long time, MyQ was an easy recommendation for people who wanted to easily turn their existing garage door into a HomeKit garage door. Chamberlin, the company behind the MyQ platform, discontinued its HomeKit accessory last year and recently cracked down further on access to the MyQ platform. Fortunately, there are other ways to bring HomeKit capabilities to your garage door without too much work. Here are some of my favorites...

The Best HomeKit Garage Door Openers

Meross HomeKit Garage Door Opener
Meross makes a wide range of excellent HomeKit accessories. This includes a smart garage door opener that is HomeKit compatible. The Meross smart garage door opener is easy to install and does not require any hub. There are two wires that connect the Meross controller directly to your garage door opener. You then install a wired sensor on top of the garage door and the corresponding sensor on the garage door itself. Meross has more details about compatibility in the product list. If your garage door is not compatible, the company will send you a separate adapter to connect the two sides together. With a 4.4-star rating on Amazon from over 9,000 buyers, the Meross smart garage door opener is the clear favorite these days. I have recommended it to countless people over the past year and everyone has had great results. I usually recommend people follow the instructions in the video below from HomeKit Authority. You can order it through Amazon for less than $50.

iSmartGate HomeKit Garage Door Opener
Another option that my colleague Bradley Chambers tackled last year is iSmartGate. I didn't get to try this out personally, but Bradley was very impressed with it: once it's configured and connected to your network, you're ready to do the fun part: connecting it to your opener. The instructions on this part are also excellent. You will need a small flat head screwdriver to complete this part. There are two ways to configure it: wiring directly to your opener or wiring to the push button in the wall. I had no power near my wall push button, so I opted to connect directly to the opener. The iSmartGate HomeKit garage door opener is more expensive than the Meross option, but seems a bit more versatile. iSmartGate has a compatibility checker that is comprehensive and full of more information. It can also control up to three garage doors if you need. You can order the iSmartGate HomeKit garage door opener for less than $200 on Amazon.

Homekit.Blog's take
Adding HomeKit support to my garage door is one of the best upgrades I've made to my smart home setup. There's nothing better than quickly checking the Home app and making sure you close the garage door after you leave. If not, close it with one tap. HomeKit's implementation of smart garage door support particularly shines through CarPlay. As you approach your home, a small tile intelligently appears on the CarPlay screen. When you tap it, your garage door opens so you can drive right in when you get home. I'm disappointed with Chamberlin's lack of commitment to HomeKit. The decision appears to be driven by a desire to increase its own subscription revenue (and even display ads). Nevertheless, these are a few ways to improve your garage door with HomeKit. Have you taken the leap? Let us know in the comments. FTC: We use monetized auto-affiliate links. More.

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