Top Smart Blinds Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit

Cupertino, December 11, 2023

When you ask people why they want smart blinds, or why they enjoy the smart blinds they already have installed, you can expect a wide range of answers. Some will tell you about the privacy benefits of blinds that remember to close every night. A few will provide an analysis on how smart blinds have helped the environment (and their electric bills) by keeping the sun's rays out of their home, reducing their dependence on AC. Even more people will praise the ability to keep their blinds closed at night, while still waking up naturally in the morning to open them. Unfortunately, smart blinds aren't typically organized based on what kind of person you are. While there are applications designed around energy efficiency, luckily you can get a mix of all the above applications in decent smart blinds. Instead, ensuring that your smart blinds fit your home both physically and digitally will often be a bigger problem. Quality products in some specialty styles of smart blinds are also harder to find. As a result, in our search for the best smart blinds, we looked for products that offer hassle-free compatibility with your favorite smart home products while meeting your needs. Serena from Lutron Best smart blinds overall
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  • Company provides material samples
  • Free consultation in your home
  • Extremely wide selection of smart ecosystems
  • Intensive customization available
  • Highly intelligent smart controls


  • This probably won't save you money

Why you should should buy this: Serena by Lutron smart blinds are almost certainly compatible with your smart system and with the physical needs of your windows. Who is it intended for: People who are willing to pay a lot of money for the best technology, or people who want to install more obscure smart systems. Why we chose Serena from Lutron: For most people, the desire for smart sun protection comes with the desire for more simplicity in their lives. This wish ranges from installing the sun blinds to daily use. And for this, Serena from Lutron has you covered. You can request a free consultation at your home from the start or have fabric samples delivered. When you order, you can immediately submit requests for the style, one of over 100 fabric type/color combinations, and accurate measurements for your window. When the product arrives, you can do the installation yourself or have a professional help you. Serena sunglasses integrate with more than a dozen smart technologies, including hard-to-find compatibilities like Logitech Harmony and the Sonos Home Sound System and four smart thermostat systems. If you have it and want to use it, you can probably do it at Lutron. Plus, they have their own hub if you're not already using a third-party hub. Once set up, operation of the Serena by Lutron smart shading system is at once intuitive and multifactorial. Smart voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa can control the blinds with just a few words. Meanwhile, app controls let you set up more complex routines. Serena's Smart Wood Blinds have access to Serena's Natural Light Optimization feature, which controls the blinds based on the position of the sun and time of day, updated on a seasonal basis. Finally, a remote control is included as standard so that even guests can easily move your sun blinds. This secure, wireless remote control can also be wall-mounted to function more like a switch. Essentially, Serena by Lutron smart blinds will meet the needs of almost any customer. However, people who are overly value-conscious may have more difficulty with them because they are expensive. Ultimately, smart blinds are worth it and can even save you money in the long run. It's just that Serena blinds push out a little further in that long run than other models. Instead, choose Serena by Lutron blinds for their beauty, advanced technology and greater convenience. Yoolax Motorized Zebra BlindsBest for Google Home
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  • Different levels of sun protection available
  • Precise size adjustment available
  • One remote control 16 roller blinds
  • Also works with Alexa and HomeKit
  • Easy charging, including solar power


  • Requires a Bluetooth hub for full Google Home experience
  • Extensions can get expensive

Why you should buy this: This is a good solution for homes with lots of windows. Who is it for: Those who want to operate sun protection on a larger scale with little effort. Why we chose the Yoolax Motorized Zebra blinds: The smart sun blinds from the Yoolax brand are made to be relatively easy to install and largely maintenance-free to use. There are many styles to choose from when choosing your roller blinds, although this type in the popular zebra roller blinds fits particularly well with Google Home. Before completing your order, you can choose a precise size based on the needs of your window. Once installed, the Yoolax, more or less like regular blinds, charge wirelessly, with a single charge lasting about four to six months. You can also install awning chargers directly on the panel so that the awnings charge automatically. The Yoolax smart sun blinds are controlled via remote control, app or voice and you can work with up to 16 sun blinds at the same time, depending on your final configuration. App control enables the most advanced options, so you can have the blinds close automatically when you leave the house or do smart things like get up based on your local sunrise time. To exit the app and control devices directly through your Google Home, you'll need an additional Bluetooth hub, but otherwise setup is pretty simple. SmartWings Motorized Blinds Best for Alexa Image used with permission of the copyright holder Pros Loads of different options available Connects to Alexa via Zigbee Up to 100% blackout available Easy charging, including solar Good prices Cons May be too many options available Why you should buy this: Has one of the easiest Alexa integrations available. Who it's for: People who want ultimate stylistic control over their blinds. Why we chose the SmartWings Motorized Blinds: One of the most immediate things to note about the SmartWings system is the incredible amount of options available in the ordering menu. The size of your blinds is calculated to the nearest eighth of an inch and everything from the valance (top part) to the bottom beam of your blinds can be adjusted to your heart's content. It offers a lot of freedom, and add-ons (like solar charging panels) can also be ordered directly from your checkout page, so they don't suddenly appear as a "bonus" amount after your order has already been placed. For those who like choice and control, it will be a delight. For others, the burden of choice can certainly take over. To control the blinds, you can talk directly to your Alexa device. Note that SmartWings also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and other brands, but we found this matched best with Alexa devices. With Alexa you can set the automatic opening and closing times of the blinds and give on-demand commands. There is also a remote control that allows you to operate the blinds on one window individually or to operate all the blinds at once. Finally, there is direct app control. Eve MotionBlinds Roller Blinds Upgrade Kit Best for HomeKit Eve / span Pros Keeps price down by using existing blinds Gives you extreme choice in which blinds to use Convenient, bridge-free design Cons Doesn't work with 100% of blinds Why you should buy this: This is the best HomeKit retrofit system for blinds. Who is it intended for: People who want to keep their existing roller blinds. Why we chose the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit: If you already have great roller blinds and use HomeKit, the smart roller blinds for you are the best smart roller blinds, made smart. Or, if you want to upgrade your blinds, you can do so with even more options by combining standard roller blinds with this set. However, as mentioned in our guide to the best HomeKit smart blinds, this upgrade kit doesn't work with all blinds. For example, IKEA and Hunter Douglas blinds are known to not work with this product due to the diameter of their tubes. However, you still have plenty of options as the set is made to…

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