TP-Link announces new HomeKit-compatible smart home products and more

Cupertino, January 22, 2022

TP-Link announced a new line of smart home products for the US under the Tapo brand at CES 2022 - including HomeKit-compatible smart bulbs, plugs and a smart switch. TP-Link has been selling smart home products in Europe under the Tapo brand since 2019, but now the company is bringing it to the US for the first time. Previously, none of the Tapo products supported HomeKit, but now five of the newly announced Tapo products support Apple's smart home connections. (The company initially promised at CES 2019 to include HomeKit with a smart plug, but later canceled plans to push the update.) The all-new Tapo HomeKit-compatible products will be released sometime in 2022, starting with the Mini Plug in the first quarter. The Power Strip, Dimmer Switch and Light Strip are scheduled for release in Q2 while the Color Light Bulb will ship in Q3 2022. None of them need a hub and they can connect directly to Wi-Fi. Tapo smart security cameras from left to right: outdoor camera - wired (C320WS), pan and tilt camera (C220), floodlight camera (C720) and outdoor camera - battery (C420) Pictures from TP-Link / The Verge TP-Link also has four new Tapo cloud-connected security cameras announced — some of which can record to a microSD card, but don't support HomeKit or HomeKit protected video. The first is scheduled for release in Q1 2022, it is a wired outdoor camera with night vision and 2K resolution that can record to a microSD card of up to 256 GB. The other three will arrive in Q3 2022. The Pan and Tilt Camera has a cover to block the 2K camera's lens, smart detection that can notify you of the presence of people, pets and cars. There's also a new wired Floodlight camera and a battery-powered outdoor camera - both with 2K resolution - and the latter connects to a dedicated hub that records video to a microSD card. TP-Link's smart Tapo sensors and alarm hub communicate via sub-1GHz long-range wireless. Image: TP-Link Finally, TP-Link has announced a new set of Tapo home security sensors. One is a programmable Smart Button that can wirelessly control other Tapo products — available in Q2 2022. Another is a kit that includes a motion sensor, door/window sensor, and alarm hub that can connect up to 64 sensors together via a wireless sub-1GHz link — a low-power, long-range radio technology. These sensors are powered by button cells that, according to TP-Link, will last more than a year on this connection, while the required alarm hub requires power. The prices of the new Tapo product range are not yet known. And while TP-Link is listed as a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the group that supports Matter, the company has not yet announced products that support the growing universal smart home standard. In the US, TP-Link has sold smart home products (including motion-activated switches and smart outdoor plugs) under the Kasa brand, and will continue to do so. That includes a Kasa wired smart doorbell originally announced in January last year, which is now slated to release in February for $59.99.

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