Up to 30% off Aqara's Apple Home Key Smart Lock, G3 Hub, and more

Cupertino, October 10, 2023

, a smart home brand we often come across here, is now offering a series of notable deals for the in addition to the

, ready for Apple's house key. First up, we highlight Aqara's front door accessories that are designed to make your entrance way more intelligent, significantly more secure and even more convenient for everyday use. Let's start with the : an intelligent deadbolt for your main entrance integrated into Apple Home. It can be unlocked via the Apple Home key with a quick tap on an iPhone or Apple Watch (it works even if your iPhone or Apple wearable loses power), while users can manage and share access with guests via Apple Home . However, that's only one way to unlock it. It also features a fingerprint reader with support for up to 50 fingerprints, passwords you can configure anywhere, limited-time access passwords for visitors, such as someone looking after your house when you're on vacation or the dog walker, and a trusty old mechanical key for emergencies. The IP65 rated zinc alloy lock also includes a gyroscope that enables automatic locking after you close it. However, you can also disable this feature, just like Do Not Disturb mode, which mutes the door lock sounds so you don't wake the kids if you get home late.

And to complete the intelligent front door experience, take a look at with the included bell. This HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT-powered solution is packed with local AI features to deliver facial recognition alerts, automations, and more. iCloud subscribers can even use to protect their data and video files. It can be powered by a six AA 1.5V battery pack, but you can also plug it into your home's electrical supply and insert a microSD card for full 24/7 video recording. However, if you don't want to bother with the wired setup, event-based cloud storage is included here for up to seven days at a time. offers 2-way audio so you can talk to visitors at the door, in addition to a voice-changing feature to also disguise your or your loved ones' voice.

The is more than just your average PIR infrared motion sensor. It uses a single radar sensor to monitor rooms up to 40 square meters, with the ability to divide the space into up to 30 different zones (sofa, bed or desk, etc.) and activate different automations for each zone. “It's like having multiple PIR sensors at the same time with one presence sensor FP2.” The FP2 can detect up to five people simultaneously and activate different scenarios, lighting automations and more across your HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home and Home Assistant ecosystem – you can integrate it even without an Aqara hub. When mounted on the ceiling, the fall detection mode is also a quite interesting feature here, for example for elderly parents, grandparents or otherwise. This allows the presence sensor FP2 to detect and alert you via the companion app if someone falls (“the FP2 is not a medical device and can only be used for notification purposes”).

While the is a great way to integrate your entire smart home setup – it can be used as a Matter bridge to expose numerous Zigbee devices to Matter – it's also just a solid indoor smart camera for keeping an eye on pets, kids and more. It uses AI facial, pet and gesture recognition in addition to a 2K 1296p resolution and a 360-degree viewing angle. Imagine if “your camera can recognize your face and welcome you home, or recognize strangers and send notifications to alert you.” Since it can act as a hub for up to 128 other Zigbee devices to perform an almost countless number of automations, it also allows users to trigger preset actions via five different hand gestures – a “unique feature not available in similar products. from other brands.” The G3 hub connects to the aforementioned Smart Door Lock U100 and Aqara Video Doorbell G4, so you can, for example, see who's at the door and easily unlock the U100 without even getting up. With this kind of whole-home integration, the G4, along with other children's devices in the Aqara ecosystem, can also record what's happening at the door and sound a siren that alerts you to burglaries, vibrations, water leaks, or other events. detected.

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