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Update For Eero Routers Brings HomeKit Support

Update For Eero Routers Brings HomeKit Support

After Linksys accidentally posted an imminent update of HomeKit compatibility for their Velop mesh routers on their website (it turns out it wasn’t imminent …), now it seems that Eero, owned by Amazon, has beaten them to the finish line, with the announcement of a year’s update to Eero and Eero Pro Routers, that’s what he said at their alignment.

HomeKit routers offer three levels of security, which are:

  • Limit at home: The safest. Your accessory can only interact with HomeKit through Apple devices. The accessory will not connect to the Internet or other local devices, so any third-party services, such as firmware updates, may be blocked.
  • Automatic: Default security. Your accessory can communicate with HomeKit and the connections recommended by its manufacturer.
  • Without restriction: At least for sure. This setting bypasses the secure router and allows your accessory to interact with any device on your network or Internet-based service.

If you are lucky enough to already have a pro Eero or Eero configuration, to upgrade your router, make sure you are already on firmware version 3.18, then go to the Discover section of the Eero application, where you will see an upgrade option for HomeKit functionality.