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Updates Eve App Brings Dark Mode, More Eve Aqua Options

Eve App Updates Brings Dark Mode, More Eve Aqua Options – Homekit News and Reviews

Eve, the manufacturer of smart home devices based in Germany, published today the recent update to its famous HomeKit app, Eve 3.8. The update itself carries with it some interesting fresh changes in design, as well as additional choices for current hardware.

Dark Theme
The large shift here is exclusively down to the app’s look, bringing Eve a fresh’ dark Then,’ which not only looks good, but should decrease battery consumption in some respects. This follows from the Dark Mode you can already discover when running MacOs Mojave on Mac computers. To switch to this fresh mode, just press the Settings tab and the dark theme option is at the bottom.

Eve Aqua
Eve has developed more alternatives for their Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller on the hardware side of things.

  • More watering periods per day: In Eve Aqua’s detailed perspective, add up to seven watering periods by tapping the equipment icon. This is perfect for anyone using the automatic water distributor from Gardena – a scheme that enables you to water up to six regions one by one.
  • Watering relative to sunrise and sunset: You can now generate a timetable that follows the sun in relation to setting schedules based on particular moments. You can program Eve Aqua to switch on an hour before sunrise if you want to prevent evaporation and save water without having to adjust the timetable every few weeks.
  • Suspension Scenes: Under Exceptions > Suspension Scenes, you will discover another fresh function in the timetable environments. Tap the Add to Suspension Scenes option once to view it. Here you can generate scenes on that day or that day and the next day that will prevent the watering timetable.

You will need to download a firmware update for the Eve Aqua first to take advantage of these additional choices. In addition to this fresh update, Eve is taking advantage of Siri Shortcuts by enabling users to suspend a ‘ watering ‘ scene ;

You will also discover the option to “Install Siri Shortcut” on the same menu to add even more comfort to your fresh Suspend Scene.

Tap on this and Eve checks the installation of the shortcuts app, opening a download window automatically if not.

The app opens and provides you the choice to select the shortcut “Pause Eve Aqua” after enabling access to shortcuts. Then you are told to allow the app to use the place of Eve Aqua to incorporate your area’s rain prediction.

The shortcut will be presented in detail once finished. The second item in the listing

To get the app, simply update your current version or download it under the name Eve for HomeKit from the App Store for Free.