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Cupertino, October 2, 2023

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Brother launches Artspira+ premium app alongside two new craft machines
Image courtesy of PRNewswire.

Brother International Corporation, a provider of home crafting and printing products, today introduced the premium version of its Artspira app, Artspira+, a cloud-based design studio. The brand has also released two new machines, the SP-1 sublimation printer and the Skitch PP1 single-needle embroidery machine, which can be used with the new app.

The Artspira app was launched by Brother in 2022 as a one-stop shop for embroidery and cutting designs using wireless technology, allowing customers to easily customize their next project. Artspira+ is a premium version of the free Artspira app that provides subscription access to 7,000 embroidery, 3,000 cutting and more than 1,500 print designs. It also features 61 embroidery drawing tools colors, 125 embroidery drawing tools templates and 111 embroidery design templates. Artspira+ is available for $12.99 per month.

The SP-1 sublimation printer from Brother.
Image courtesy of Brother.

The SP-1 sublimation printer is the first of its kind for Brother. With the SP-1, designs created on Artspira are transferred to the printer and then transferred to polymer-coated products or onto fabrics made of at least 65% polyester. The sublimation printer comes with a full set of original Brother ink cartridges. The SP-1 will be released on October 23 and will cost $399.99.

The Skitch PP1 single needle embroidery machine from Brother.
Image courtesy of Brother.

The Skitch PP1 single needle embroidery machine can add custom embroidery designs to any clothing. It has a maximum embroidery area of 10 x 10 cm and an embroidery speed of 400 SPM. Users can access over 100 free embroidery designs through the Artspira app, including 100 exclusive to Skitch owners. The Skitch PP1 will also be available on October 23 and will cost $499.99.

“Our mission at Brother is to inspire crafters of all ages and skill levels by empowering them with the latest cutting-edge technology,” said Shannon Sullivan, vice president of the Home Appliance Division at Brother International Corporation, in a press release. “Our customers expect to do more with their custom designs and projects, and we are proud to offer them even more offerings for users who are inspired to take their embroidery and printing projects to the next level.”

U-Tec to launch the next generation of its ULTRALOQ Bolt series at the end of 2023
Smart home solutions brand U-tec will launch the next generation of its ULTRALOQ Bolt smart Wi-Fi deadbolt series at the end of 2023. The product launch event will take place on October 3 in Santa Clara, CA, where pricing and pre-sale information will also be revealed.

The ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Edition.
Image courtesy of U-bit.

The new ULTRALOQ is compatible with all major smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT. For Apple HomeKit users, the ULTRALOQ comes in a fingerprint edition and an Apple Home Key-compatible NFC edition that allows users to open the lock with a tap on an Apple device. Underneath the ULTRALOQ is a 360-degree live fingerprint ID, powered by an AI machine learning algorithm. It also features a more durable and weather-resistant anti-peeping keypad that is compatible even with gloves, as well as an auto-unlock feature that uses mobile geofencing technology to unlock the door when you get home. The ULTRALOQ also has multiple unlocking methods, keyless entry, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and up to one year of battery life. The ULTRALOQ Bolt can be controlled and monitored via the U-Tec app.

PowerGistics unveils the fast-charging Flex20 Bolt charging station
The Flex20 Bolt charging station from PowerGistics.
Image courtesy of PowerGistics.

PowerGistics, manufacturer of charging stations for schools, has released its Flex20 Bolt charging station. The Flex20 Bolt is a 20-port USB-C PDU charging station that can power Chromebooks, laptops and tablets. It has a lockable side door that encloses the PDU and charging cords, making them accessible even when mounted on the wall. The Flex20 charging station with 20 shelves can also be placed on a roll. The Flex20 Bolt comes with 20 USB-C to USB-C cables, meaning schools can send power bricks home with students and still connect the charging tower in classrooms and common areas. The tower design of PowerGistics charging stations like the Flex20 saves space in busy classrooms due to the small footprint. Inside, devices are stored flat and horizontally, protecting them from drops and damage. You can request prices via www.powergistics.com.

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