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Upgrading the RoomMe personal location sensor adds support for IFTTT and more

Upgrading the RoomMe personal location sensor adds support for IFTTT and more

Intellithings has announced the launch of a new update to its RoomMe personal location sensor that has enabled support for smart home services, IFTTT and Hubitat. The update, which is available for free today, opens the door to tons of potential new automation through a variety of smart accessory categories.

“Support for IFTTT, Hubitat and the ability to trigger predefined scenes make RoomMe stronger than ever,” said Oren Kotlicki, founder and CEO of Intellithings. “With this integration, RoomMe can be used to trigger an entire universe of connected smart home devices and systems. RoomMe adds a level of customization that the smart home lacked and gives IFTTT users the ability to trigger their automations in a whole “A new way. The possibilities for these custom automations are endless, and users are limited by their imagination. We can’t wait to see how customers integrate RoomMe into IFTTT applets and create new use cases with the smart presence that RoomMe offers.”

The RoomMe personal location sensor is a unique approach to automation, as it relies on the presence of assigned smartphones and selects smart watches to determine when to perform actions, such as turning on lights. As we noted in our February review, the RoomMe approach provides truly personal automation, which is not only executed when motion is detected and allows for specific preferences, such as light levels.

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The addition of integration with IFTTT and Hubitat allows the RoomMe Personal Location sensor to work with a multitude of devices that already support popular platforms. The latest additions join a list of existing sensor-enabled services and devices that includes Philips Hue, LIFX, ecobee, Sonos, Wink and HomeKit.

In addition to IFTTT and Hubitat, RoomMe PLS is now able to trigger scenes that are configured with supported devices and systems. Stage support allows RoomMe to use automations that are created with other applications and platforms, such as the Apple HomeKit, with just a few taps.

To get started with the new integrations, users will simply need to download the latest version (2.1.0) of the RoomMe Smart Automation app, which is now available in the AppStore or via Google Play. After the upgrade, users can then choose to connect their IFTTT and Hubitat accounts through a simple login process.

The RoomMe personal location sensor is sold in a starter set that includes two sensors at a retail price of $ 198. Additional sensors and larger starter kits are available directly from the Intellithings online store.