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Vocolinc announces their first European Release of the Power Strip

Vocolinc Set to Release Their First EU Power Strip – Homekit News and Reviews

The firm behind the famous Flowerbud Aroma Diffuser, Vocolinc, is preparing to publish a European Power Strip to compete with Koogeek and Eve’s likes. Until recently, Koogeek was the only firm that made a compliant HomeKit EU energy strip before its own energy strip was published by Eve, based in Germany. The fresh power strip is not presently accessible, with a listing concealed from major product lists of Vocolinc, located on the famous German Apple website in German Amazon’s shop.

While this new Vocolinc energy strip looks quite comparable to the US variant, the EU model lacks the three USB ports found in the original, but has two separate benefits over the former ; instead of three individual outlets, the EU model has four, each with sufficient room between them, as well as individual on / off buttons, something that the US model was sorely missing.

However, this is not Vocolinc’s first EU power device, with its PM5 intelligent outlet published previously in the year, which includes two USB ports handily. The Vocolinc VP2 will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as with almost all Vocolinc products. In terms of energy, at 230v/10A @ 50Hz each outlet is capable of 2300w. The item utilizes the connectivity standard 2.4 GHz Wifi.

At the launch, the strip will sell at € 59.99 which is the same as the Koogeek model but is presently listed on as being shipped in 1-3 months, although we hope to get a sample unit before that moment.