VOCOlinc Ripple: Smallest HomeKit aroma diffuser review

Cupertino, December 25, 2021

As you already know, part of a feel-good atmosphere for us is the right scent. While half of our team is into Moodo's fragrance capsules, the other half is into essential oils. In the past, we used the VOCOlinc MistFlow humidifier for this purpose. Although the 2.5l tank does not require frequent refilling, it is somewhat oversized solely for the distribution of a pleasant scent. Reason enough to take a closer look at the significantly smaller and cheaper VOCOlinc Ripple.

The first impression convinces

After unpacking, we were immediately convinced by the size. While the VOCOlinc MistFlow is rather difficult to place due to its size, its little brother can be placed almost anywhere. The diameter is just 11.2cm with a height of only 16cm. The water tank contains 220ml. Here you have to refill more often, but you can also change the fragrances more often. The power supply is via a 24V power supply.

VOCOlinc Ripple Scope of Delivery

After filling with water, a few drops of essential oils can be added. For the Christmas season we have chosen "Besinnlich". Here it should be noted that really 3-6 drops are quite enough.

Essential oil instill

Afterwards, the aroma diffuser can already be switched on via one of the three buttons. The fan speed alternates between two levels. The timer switch in the middle switches the device off automatically after 2, 4 or 6 hours. The right switch is for the integrated light. A single press turns the light on or off, a long press changes the color.


VOCOlinc Ripple in Apple HomeKit

Added to Apple's Smarthome platform via the included HomeKit code, the VOCOlinc Ripple is then displayed as a fan and a lamp. The fan speed can be changed from 0 to 50% or 100% via a slider. Intermediate levels are not possible.

VOCOlinc Ripple in Apple HomeKit

The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted continuously via a slider as well as the color can be selected. You can see exactly how the device is displayed in Apple HomeKit in our app in the product overview or via HomeDevices.

Of course, you can also use the VOCOlinc Ripple in automations and thus automatically switch it on time-based or via a motion detector. This way you can distribute a pleasant scent within your own four walls before getting up in the morning or control the device based on your presence.

Manufacturer's own app offers light effects

You can also control the aroma diffuser and create schedules via the manufacturer's own app. In addition, the app offers effects for the lamp. Here you can choose between "Flowing", "Blinking" and "Breathing". You can also set the colors, the interval and the brightness and save it as a favorite for the DeepL access.

VOCOlinc Ripple in manufacturer's own app

Bottom Line

The VOCOlinc Ripple is the perfect HomeKit flavor diffuser. Thanks to the small form factor, the device can be placed almost anywhere unobtrusively. The integration with Apple HomeKit opens up numerous possibilities for automation to distribute a pleasant scent at the right time. Due to the unbeatable price of just 35,99€, several rooms can be equipped with the VOCOlinc Ripple. You can get the device directly from the manufacturer or via Amazon. The VOCOlinc Ripple is also available at a lower price in a double pack.

If you prefer a more playful look, the manufacturer also offers the VOCOlinc Flowerbud as an aroma diffuser. With 300ml, it has a slightly larger water tank than the VOCOlinc Ripple, but is also significantly more expensive with a recommended retail price of 59,99€.

If you not only want to distribute a pleasant scent, but also counteract dry heating air at the same time, we recommend taking a look at the VOCOlinc MistFlow. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the 2.5l water tank.

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