VOCOlinc Smart Plug review: powerful HomeKit control for a fair price

Cupertino, August 1, 2023

The VOCOlinc Smart Plug is a small device that can use any common household item and make it controllable via HomeKit, from your iPhone. Using smart plugs is easy as all it takes to use them is to plug them in, connect them to one of your devices and then control them. The level of customization extends in the app they are connected to. If you're looking for a well-made smart plug that's affordable and comes in multiple packs, the VOCOlinc Smart Plug might be for you. VOCOlinc Smart Plug Design The VOCOlinc Smart Plug has a small rectangular design with a power outlet on the front and outlets on the back that you can plug into a power source. The faceplate also has a rigid design placed diagonally across it. VOCOlinc Smart Plug Indicator Light A light on the top right of the faceplate indicates power and whether the plug is in pairing mode. The power button on the right side of the Smart Plug acts as a power regulator, enabling pairing mode. Most 120V home outlets are not limited by the VOCOlinc smart plug as it can handle 15A of current. The Smart Plug is TUV and FCC certified and the housing is made of flame retardant PC material. There is also built-in overload protection. The Smart Plug currently only comes in white and has no Matter support. VOCOlinc Smart Plug functionality and HomeKit Setting up the VOCOlinc Smart Plug is simple and only takes a few steps. Since it is HomeKit compatible, you can set it up in the VOCOlinc app or the Home app. Regardless of your choice, the installation process will be the same. The HomeKit code to pair your smart plug with your device is located on the bottom of the plug, making it difficult to scan when you pair the smart plug with your device while it's plugged in. Once pairing is complete, you can name the plug, set which room it's in, and determine if another smart device, such as a smart light bulb, is connected to it, so you can control them at the same time. Left: Home switch control. Middle: control of the VOCOlinc app. Right: Device icon selection It also asks if the smart plug controls a fan, light, or outlet. After choosing from the selection, the device will have a corresponding icon next to it in the control panel. That icon can be changed later in the app if you wish. Once you have set up the Smart Plug, you can control it via the VOCOlinc app, the Home app or the physical button on the right side of the plug. Siri is another way to control the device by asking them to turn the smart plug on or off. The Home app lets you set up and design automations to run at specific times of the day or when triggered by another smart device, such as a door sensor. It also works with Siri Shortcuts. Automations and Siri Shortcuts require a Home Hub when working away from home. A modern Apple TV or some sort of HomePod will suffice. The VOCOlinc Smart Plug does not require a hub to pair to set it up. Instead, it connects via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and the Smart Plug has a built-in auto-restart mode. All plugin updates come through the VOCOlinc app. Fast and portable operation The VOCOlinc is a small and reliable smart plug that is very responsive and easy to use. You can use multiple ways, and whichever you choose, the Smart Plug will almost always respond. Using the Smart Plug is easy as you just plug it in, set it up and use it. With no hub to connect it to, plug it into your Wi-Fi, and you're good to go. Setting schedules and switches is easy in the Home app. Pairing with other smart devices is also easy. While it only has one function - turning devices on and off - it does it very well. One downside to the Smart Plug is the placement of the HomeKit pairing code. Placing the plug on the bottom of the plug can be inconvenient if you place the plug in a tight space or on another appliance that is already plugged into the same outlet. A solution to this problem is to take a picture of the code beforehand and scan it from a separate device. You can also buy the HomePass app for $2.99, which lets you store HomeKit device codes on it and view them on your iPhone or Apple Watch. If you're looking for a good smart plug at a good price, the VOCOlinc Smart Plug is worth checking out. It comes in different quantity options, so you will definitely be able to choose the right quantity you need. Advantages of VOCOlinc Smart Plug Small design Easy installation Very responsive Energy-saving and environmentally friendly Reasonable price Disadvantages of VOCOlinc Smart Plug HomeKit code placed awkwardly No Matter support Rating: 4 out of 5 Where to buy the VOCOlinc Smart Plug You can buy the VOCOlinc Smart Plug buy from Amazon for $14.99. There are also different quantities to choose from: two plugs for $22.99, three plugs for $29.99, and four plugs for $37.99.

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