Wave at the EZVIZ E6 3K indoor security camera to make video calls!

Cupertino, October 18, 2023

EZVIZ has just announced the launch of the new E6 3K smart camera. Now released in the UK market, this launch marks EZVIZ's first HomeKit-compatible security camera, but I'm most excited about the fun wave feature.

EZVIZ is a global smart home security brand best known for its range of best security cameras and video doorbells. This year was an exciting year for EZVIZ and I was able to see the new releases in person at IFA 2023, such as the EZVIZ HP7 video door phone.

But the UK launch of the new EZVIZ E6 3K camera has recently caught my attention, mainly because of its unique AI sensing features, small design and ability to make calls.

One of the most exciting features of the EZVIZ E6 3K camera is its HomeKit compatibility, the first security camera from EZVIZ to have this support. This feature is sure to appeal to Apple users as the EZVIZ E6 3K camera allows you to view live camera footage, set up automations and receive notifications on your Apple devices such as the HomePod.

With the EZVIZ E6 3K camera, users can enjoy unique AI detection features to better detect and track movements in your home. The camera can easily tell the difference between people, pets, cars and other objects and send alerts you need to be aware of, without constantly bombarding you with notifications.

The EZVIZ E6 3K camera can also alert you to specific sounds and if the noise level in your home changes noticeably, such as glass breaking or a baby crying.

The feature I'm most excited about is the wave function. Once you assign a primary phone to the EZVIZ E6 3K camera, people at home can simply wave at the camera to start a video call with you. How cool is that?! When a video call starts on your phone, you can receive calls and quickly contact your family wherever you are. For example, if your child has just come home from school, he or she can wave to the EZVIZ E6 3K camera and you can check whether he or she has arrived home safely via a video call.

The EZVIZ E6 3K camera has a compact and spherical shape and small size make it easy to blend into the background while still capturing important moments. Aiming at different homes, the EZVIZ E6 3K camera works well in rental or owner-occupied houses and condominiums, and once connected, it can be placed on your furniture or mounted on walls or ceilings.

The EZVIZ E6 3K camera rotates 360 degrees to view every angle, and the 3K video quality and clarity improves images and reduces overexposure. For nighttime viewing, the EZVIZ E6 3K camera has two infrared lamps for better night vision up to 10 meters. The EZVIZ E6 3K camera can also automatically switch between day and night mode when the lighting in your home changes.

Other features include automatic zoom tracking, Hi-Fi sound quality that amplifies voices and picks up sounds up to 10 meters away, and integration with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. With the EZVIZ app, the EZVIZ E6 3K camera can be easily controlled via your smartphone and voice assistants.

The EZVIZ E6 3K camera is now available in the UK for £89.99. Today's best Ezviz C6 and Ezviz C6 2K+ Smart Home Camera deals.

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