What Wemo products does Apple's HomeKit support?

Cupertino, April 1, 2020

The Wemo line is known for being one of the best smart home accessories, but unfortunately it came a little late to the HomeKit party. When it finally arrived, HomeKit still needed a separate smart bridge, which was sold separately and did not accept all Wemo products. Since then, HomeKit has been added to the latest versions of light switches and sockets, however, there are still some of those older accessories around which can make things a little confusing. Don't worry, but we solved everything.

What Wemo products does Apples HomeKit support

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Use this little connector to turn any appliance into a smart home accessory. The Mini is HomeKit compatible right out of the box, without the need for a separate deck and is one of the most accessible jacks around. But the best part is that it is so compact that you can fit two of them into the same outlet, which is rare for smart chairs.

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The best smart light switches of 2020

The Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch can turn on the lights automatically, in just a few taps of the phone or with a voice command with Siri. This dimmer has a built-in night light, which makes it easy to find in the darkest of rooms, and the center section of the switch is touch sensitive. This means you can simply slide your finger up and down to set your mood.

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After installation, you can use this smart light switch to control all the lights in a room by setting programs and timers. Be careful though, as there are two versions of the Wemo light switch, one of which requires the smart deck. To make sure you get the HomeKit template, look for the "Works with Apple HomeKit" logo in the box or just use one of the links below.

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If you have an air light that can be switched on or off with two light switches, then you need a 3 way smart switch to add the connected home goodies. The Wemo 3-Way Smart Light Switch fits the bill in this situation and is sold in both single and double packages. The handy package makes it easy to add smartphones and offers a consistent look and experience with both switches having the same style.

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The Wemo Bridge brings HomeKit to older Light Light and Insight Smart Plug switches as well as discontinued devices such as the Wemo motion sensor, which is no longer for sale. If you have some of these older light switches installed around your home and you don't want the hassle of replacing it with the latest version, then the Wemo Bridge is the way to go.

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  • $ 40 at Best Buy

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Even though the Wemo Mini offers built-in HomeKit support, it lacks the power monitoring capabilities that the older Wemo Insight has. This plug, when combined with the Wemo Bridge, gives you access to real-time power consumption, which can help you identify the devices that consume the most energy. This can lead to potential money savings, especially if you can stop that corn energy from a distance if you forget to exit the door.

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Wemo is one of the top brands in smart home accessories, and its products are some of the best in the HomeKit ecosystem. If you're just starting out with home automation or smart home control, choose the Wemo Mini Smart Plug to use with something like a lamp. It's a great way to get started with home automation and from there you can easily build your smart home.

Are you looking to add Siri and darkness to your home lighting? Then the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer is the one for you. This slk dimmer switch has a touchpad in the center that allows for dark controls via a finger slide. This switch also has a useful night light, making it easy to find in the dark.

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