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Xiaomi Unveils Pricing For the New Hub

Xiaomi Conference Unveils Pricing For New Hub – Homekit News and Reviews
Xiaomi’s annual’ get-together’ developer, known as MiDC, today announced a lot of new products and services, but also revealed officially a few new products related to HomeKit and Mi Home. The first of these new products is the long-awaited update to the Mi Gateway, which is also expected to be in the varieties HomeKit and Non-Homekit.

We’ve been thinking about this hub and the counterpart of Aqara for a while now, with both apps having similar specifications, although the version of Aqara still seems to be a way off a release date. For a while now, the Mi Hub has been on beta test with around a hundred users testing the hub in Mainland China, with many photos posted online, revealing aspects of the platform, including the HomeKit software. Yes, although not necessarily overtly, even officially released photos show the HomeKit QR code. The Mi Hub will be released in Mainland China on December 12, although an international release is not stated at the moment.

The photo we were able to obtain shows a cost of RMB129, which is insanely cheap, at less than US$ 20, although it is doubtful that if you buy it from sites like GearBest or AliExpress you would pay that little. The potential reason for the low image price is that this could only be the cost of the non-HomeKit version, as you only see the’ Works with Mijia ‘ logo in the picture, with no HomeKit logo in view. Instead, this could only be due to the company presentation concentrating on Xiaomi and Mi Home alone, so it’s hard to be sure.