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Xiaoyan/Terncy Wall Switch Review

Xiaoyan/Terncy Wall Switch – Homekit News and Reviews

With or without a neutral wire connection, the Terncy / Xiaoyan Wall Switch utilizes Zigbee to link to the Terncy Hub, called the Home Center.

Without drastic steps, smart lighting.

Remotely from anywhere, plan and run ceiling lamps, wall lamps, fluorescent lamps, fan, etc.

“Hey Siri, turn on the bedroom.”

Offers compatibility with different voice assistants and smart speakers, including Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Rokid, Tmall Genie, etc.

Even the ancient house can enjoy intelligent lighting.

Simply install it in an current junction box without changing the wiring.

Creating a new programmable button feature.

One click turns on a light, two clicks trigger a scene, and all devices are turned off by long-press.

Activate a Life Scene with a single click.

Specify a “come home” scene button. When you are home, it will conduct synchronized activities of multiple appliances and click on them.

Works with the HomeKit of Apple.

The first wall switch compatible with Apple HomeKit in China is the Terncy wall switch which completely promotes the HomeKit ecosystem. This guarantees information security and usage stability.

Works as a multipurpose switch.

Turn the door light on the bedroom and turn it off with the wall switch on the bedside, even without a multi-way switch wiring.

Six color blazes.

In a contemporary style, customize your home with 6 perfect color choices that are taken from nature.

In every detail, delicate design and implementation.

Every moment you press the button, the handpicked fabric increases the tactile feeling. The humble main travel and the fine-tuned feedback force emphasize the quality feeling.