Yeelight Bedside Lamp D2 review

Cupertino, December 14, 2019

Along with miji and Aqara. Yeelight might be seen as the third side of a triangle that makes a lot of smart home items, mainly based on lighting. Not only that, but the company, along with the other brands mentioned above, makes a lot of products with built-in support for the HomeKit. This sort of thing-the Xiaomi ecosystem goods that carry HomeKit treats to the table-was considered unlikely less than two years ago, when Aqara took the first step with Read Doors, bringing a lot of sensors and switches along.

Not to be outdone in all things HomeKit, Yeelight has really targeted homeKit with many of their subsequent products, including going as far as adding HomeKit features to inheritance products. That's why it took a long time for Yeelight to take the HomeKit platform very seriously. This takes us to the latest series of lighting items that we are reviewing today-Bedside lamp Yeelight D2-that emerged at the end of last year.



Around now, you'll be acquainted with Yeelight, and the other companies who have largely taken over the respectable packaging act, and this is no exception. Across the front the package is highlighted with limited peripheral detail -only the name of the company (in mandarin), the "Works with Apple HomeKit" logo and a 2019 Red Dot award badge. The back of the box includes a selection of 8 icons. Describe the D2 elements, which are:

  • LED color lamp
  • Broadcast mode (light animation along with sound)
  • Color temperature adjustment (cold white to hot)
  • Touch control
  • dimming
  • Stopwatch function
  • Night light mode
  • Counting stopwatch

Some of these are not really "features" as such, but there are still lamps out there that are scarcely fitted with any of these functions, so it's something to keep in mind if you're wondering if you want a silent bedside table or a smart lamp. The contents of the package are small, with the light, the Chinese manual and the power supply. Speaking of power supply, you get a form A (North American) unpolarized two-pin plug with USB-C link at the end and it's nice to finally see more USB-C gadgets. D2 operates in all regions because it can run at 100-240V at 50/60Hz.


  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: AC110-220V, 50-60Hz
  • Input: 5V 1A
  • Powers: 5W
  • Light color: RGBW
  • Color temperature: 2700-6000k
  • Color rendering index: Ra80
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz
  • BT: V4.2BLE
  • Features: APP control, voice control
  • Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Item Weight: 800g / 1.76lb
  • Item size: 148 * 148 * 145mm / 5.83 * 5.83 * 5.71in


The lamp itself is visible in two parts, the base being about 25% of the lamp height. This light gray base section includes the touch-sensitive button and the two touch-sensitive tapes as well as the D2 power USB-C port. The rest of the 75% is still a mic, only the Yeelight logo floating above the touch-sensitive screen, so it's almost like a big smart bulb! The main button doesn't light up, it's just a white ring.

The strips on the side, which I will explain in more detail, are a little darker gray than the base.

The lower part of the lamp has three rubber feet to prevent the lamp from slipping unnecessarily, together with a HomeKit QR code. This is one of the two cases of the code, the other one appears in the Chinese manual.


As with all Yeelight devices, they can be added to the Mi Home application or the Yeelight application and will appear on both when added. I usually go with the Mi Home application, set on the Chinese mainland server. The process is very easy, with you following the instructions on the screen. D2 uses 2.4 GHz wifi for connection.

After the process is almost complete, with the name of the lamp, you will be asked if you want to associate it with HomeKit. Then go through the now-familiar procedure of adding the lamp to HomeKit, as if you added it directly from the Apple Home app.

Once you are done with the installation, D2 will appear in all three applications. Just be aware that even if you initially added it to a room in the Yeelight or Mi Home applications, this information is not transmitted in the Home application, so you will need to assign it separately to that room.


There are pretty standard items in the Home app, with a slider that regulates the brightness, and a color palette to choose colors or color temperature. The Settings page shows all popular choices, except for quick access to the Yeelight app.

Both Yeelight and Mi Home applications offer almost the same functionality, only with different interfaces. both offer a function called flow, which allows the lamp to circulate through four different colors chosen by the user. The only plus in this regard with the Yeelight app is that you can change the speed of color transitions as well as the brightness of color choices. The Yeelight application also offers some features that are not available in the Mi Home application. One is called Gesture, which, once turned on, allows you to double-tap the top of the D2 or the surface on which it rests to turn the lamp on or off. It's a bit of a gimmick, but it might be useful if you are in the dark and can feel the lamp, but cannot see the touch button. Touching the surface on which the lamp is placed (for example, the bedside table) requires a stronger pressing with the knots and has not been consistent in my tests. The other exclusive feature for the Yeelight app is called Music Flow. This causes the lamp to change its color and brightness over time with the sounds - usually music with a definite pulse (such as House music). For it to work, Yeelight needs access to the phone's microphone so it can pick up music wherever it is played, though you can use music on your device. Another gimmick in my opinion, but still fun.


As you can see in the picture above, the Mi bedside lamp II and the Yeelight D2 are definitely "cut from the same cloth", so to speak, with the same base and diameter. That being said, they have different controls and, of course, different heights. As for the lumen number, only the Mi version has any official numbers, set to a maximum of 400 ml. Yeelight D2 has no information about the worlds we found. However, I took some pictures to compare the two parts with each other, both in colors and white modes;

In general, I would say that D2 has a lower overall brightness, which is not entirely surprising given the size of the speaker section, but it holds up quite well in all color temperatures, with the cold white being only slightly lower. & # 39; & # 39 ;. cool The night light on both models is quite good and works very well as a true night light.

Above are just a few examples of how things look and you can see that D2 is holding up really well, which would suggest that while there may be less white LEDs in D2 than Mi, in terms of Color LEDs, these could be the same or at least close enough to make no difference. All other colors match exactly, which is not yet a surprise.


I have been using D2 for about four months and at the time it worked fine, with only a few disconnections in the period I had it until I wrote this review. I would suggest if you don't have a reasonable size bedside table, it's a little on the big side, even if it's not as tall as the Mi model. The main knob works very well, but the side straps get used to it and it's quite easy, depending on how you place it in relation to how the arms approach the lamp, so you don't get a response when you pull your finger over the tape. It looks like it needs the completely flat finger plate to properly record a touch, and in terms of brightness adjustment, it will take more than one pass to get from 100% to the lowest setting.

Despite these minor issues, it was fun to use and really adds to the atmosphere of our bedroom when we watch TV, along with all the other color lights. You would suggest if you can get used to the sensitive nature of the controls, it is a better option than the Mi version, if it is only for the height exceeded. If you are interested in other platforms that you can work with besides HomeKit, the Yeelight app claims that it can work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, IFTTT, Tasker and Yandex, so you really have no options.

Bedside lamp Yeelight D2



  • Works with all major platforms
  • Very rich colors and good white
  • better size for using the bedroom than the Mi option
  • Uses USB-C for power
  • Many exclusive features accessible through shortcuts


  • side controls need careful attention to use
  • Night light is not exposed to HomeKit

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