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Yeelight Floor Lamp With Two New Desk Lamps Review

Yeelight Follow up New Floor Lamp With Two New Desk Lamps – Homekit News and Reviews

Just a day after we announced the launch of the Yeelight Star Floor Lamp, Yeelight has now made Star Desk Lamp accessible through the website to customers in China. As stated in the above ground lamp post, the desk lamp follows the same shape factor but has a much smaller main stem.

However, the desk lamp comes in two variants unlike the floor lamp. The standard Star Desk Lamp and the upgraded Star Desk Lamp Pro, the latter with a fast-charging pad constructed in 10W Qi. This unique characteristic is missing from the normal desk lamp.

The’ shade’ section is set at an angle of 30o, and in the downfacing section, as with the floor lamp, there are tunable white LEDs with complete color ambient light for the upward side of the lamp.

Currently the bulbs are only accessible in China, with rates for the Pro and standard light at 329RMB and 299RMB respectively (approx. US$ 42 and US$ 46), but should quickly begin to appear in locations such as AliExpress and GearBest.