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Yeelight presents Details of Improved Colour Smart Bulb

Yeelight Announce Details of Improved Colour Smart Bulb – Homekit News and Reviews
Back in the sprint, several people, including myself, heard rumors that Yeelight added HomeKit support for their light bulbs only to find out later that Yeelight was due to release 1S versions of the existing bulbs already on the market–the Color bulbs and the Tuneable white models. Instead it seemed to be a misunderstanding, and the 1S was the bulbs of the HomeKit. Happily, Yeelight revealed changes to their bulbs and light strip plus in July that would actually bring the rumored features of the HomeKit. So what about the variants of 1S?

Well, in fact, these bulbs appeared months ago in the Mi Home app, which is quite a common occurrence, but nothing else. Now the company has finally unveiled the color bulb’s latest 1S model, and it looks pretty much the same as the current generation as planned. There is a subtle difference, however, which will make happy those of us who are aware of power. The lumen count of the bulb stands at 800lm, but the company has succeeded in making it 15 percent more effective than the existing version, thus saving money on your energy bill.

Unlike the current gen-color bulbs which need a firmware update to add HomeKit compatibility, these new 1S models should come with HomeKit out of the box, which should also mean that they come with the correct HomeKit software, so you don’t need to use either the Mi Home or Yeelight apps if you don’t want to, even if you still need one of these apps for any subsequent firmware updates.

If you’re not acquainted with Yeelight, it’s one of the companies that is part of the Xioami Smart Home ecoystem, focusing primarily on items for lighting. We have their own line of lights and lamps, some of which we will review shortly, as well as lighting for Xiaomi’s own Mijia / Mi Smart Home Line, including Mi Desk Lamp 1S, Mi Desk Lamp Pro and Mi Bedside Lamp 2