Yeelight presents the 5 meters Tunable White Light Strip

Cupertino, August 4, 2019

Yeelight, the firm that lately introduced the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and Mi Bedside Lamp 2 to HomeKit, revealed a fresh light strip challenging the present light strip requirements on the market. First of all, while almost all light strips on the market are of the 16-million color range and usually tend to be for mood lighting, Yeelight has chosen to go with an adjustable white light strip, which provides the hot spectrum to cool whites, so something more suitable for general lighting.

The light strip also drops the present standard length of 2 meters that we tend to see, bumping the minimum length up to 5 meters, with the capacity to extend the strip by an amazing 30 meters! The light strip offers a respectable 500lm per metre, resulting in a total of 2.500lm for the fundamental strip. The temperature range of colors ranges from 2700 K to 6500 K and also utilizes the same anti-stroboscopic technology that is implemented in their lamps to ensure that the image does not strobe, which is kind to the eyes.

What is also interesting is that this light strip will also function with a product they launched a long time ago, but did not really promote much, namely the Yeelight Rotary Diimer switch, which is accessible in both wireless and wired variants. There was no true mention of it when this change came out late last year, likely because of the reality. That it could only operate with Yeelight's hand complete of ceiling lamps. The fresh light strip is intended to operate with the Bluetooth connecting rotary dimmer switch. This strip is also compatible with the Yeelight Bluetooth Remote, which is usually bundled with its range of ceiling lamps, but can be bought individually


Currently, this strip is not compatible with HomeKit as with all Yeelight branded products, although, as we reported last month, many Yeelight products will receive firmware updates to bring compatibility with HomeKit, so there is every possibility that it will join them. All Yeelight products are still compatible with the Siri Shortcuts as it stands, so not everything is wasted, and if you are a consumer of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa as their products are already compatible with these technologies. The strip will operate as a standard either with the Yeelight App or with the Mi Home app.

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The new light strip is available to order now via GearBest, with international shipping starting at the end of the month.

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