Yeelight: Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

Cupertino, January 8, 2022

We were able to report on news from Philips Hue just recently. But other manufacturers also remain active. The manufacturer Yeelight, which specializes in lighting, starts around 01 October with a whole range of chic, new ceiling lights of the A2001 and C2001 series. These stand out especially for their high-quality workmanship, easy installation and, of course, HomeKit integration.

Yeelight Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

Seven new models Yeelight has at the start, for rooms from 10 to 25 m². The A2001 series is represented by three variants (2x round, 1x rectangular). The series comes with a pure white cover, which is supposed to provide soft, even lighting without unwanted shadows.

1641884888 562 Yeelight Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

The C2001 series comes in 4 variants (2x round, 1x rectangular, 1x square). This series is simple and light in design and has a finely finished metal frame. It has a color rendering index (Ra) of up to 95, which means that it can produce white tones exactly as it would be in natural sunlight. Color temperatures from 2700 to 6500k are selectable. Both series support "moonlight mode" with extremely low brightness. It's perfect for nighttime, giving off a soft, comfortable glow that reduces glare and eye strain. The lamps become thinner towards the outside, giving them a very slim appearance. The thickness thereby varies between 9 and 12 cm including the holder.

1641884889 247 Yeelight Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

Unlike other similar products with an abrupt dimming curve, the Yeelight ceiling lights offer a much smoother dimming curve. When changing brightness and color temperature, this is said to provide more eye comfort.

The highly sealed design prevents insects and dust from entering the ceiling light, saving time and effort in cleaning.

1641884889 330 Yeelight Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

Both series have HomeKit integration, of course. Adaptive Lighting is not currently available. We have asked the manufacturer whether this will be possible with a software update. The answer is still pending. The clever Quick-change base serves as an easy and quick mounting option.

Many more Yeelight lights can be found in our SmartApple device overview. The new A2001 and C2001 series ceiling lights will also be available on Amazon from the end of September. In terms of price, the A2001 series products will range between 119 and 199 euros, depending on the size. The products of the C2001 series between 149 and 249 euros, because here also particularly high-quality materials are used.

1641884890 967 Yeelight Seven new A and C series ceiling lights

Since it is with the new Yeelight A- and C- series of ceiling lights so still takes a while, but we would not want to miss it to point you to a current discount action. In the German Yeelight Shop, there is a Shopping Fever Super Sale with 30% off the entire range in the period from 08 to 30 September. Pay attention to the HomeKit-compatible devices, of which there is also now a large selection. The discount code >>FEVERLIGHT<< can be used for all products from the store at the end of the shopping tour in the shopping cart.

In addition to the current action directly in the Yeelight Shop, you can otherwise of course also find corresponding Yeelight HomeKit lights always via Amazon.

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