You seem to have no HomeKit accessories configured.

Cupertino, August 3, 2023

Update: Reddit user BigPoppa1 discovered a simple solution: rename a device via the Home app on iPhone or iPad. This should trigger a refresh on the HomePod. Yesterday, I wrote about a frustrating error that HomePod owners have been experiencing this week. It seems that this error is not the only one causing problems. Many users have reported that when they give Siri a HomeKit command, it responds with "It looks like you don't have any HomeKit accessories set up." This error affects commands that have previously worked without issues. I encountered this error myself for the first time last night. When I tried to issue a scene command, HomePod was unable to execute it and displayed the error message "It looks like you don't have any HomeKit accessories set up." I also attempted to control individual devices, but received the same error message. Despite having several HomeKit devices in my house, HomePod was unable to detect any of them. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this issue affected all six of my HomePods, not just one. A quick Google search confirmed that I am not alone in experiencing this issue, with reports dating back about a week. The reported error messages varied slightly, but the common theme was that HomePod was unable to recognize the HomeKit accessories. Some users described their experiences: "For the past two years, I've been able to wake up in the morning, walk up to my den, and say 'Hey Siri, turn it on' to control various devices like lights and TV. This morning, as usual, I did the same, but my hub (HomePod) said, 'It looks like you don't have any devices set up.' " "It happened to me last night before bed and again this morning. Thankfully, I'm not the only one experiencing this issue!" "My HomePod no longer responds to voice commands for HomeKit accessories. The HomeKit app and Apple TV are working fine and displaying all accessories. I have tried resetting HomePod, logging out and back in as the primary user, and resetting HomePod, but nothing has worked. All devices are running iOS 16.2 and are on the same network." "Everything was working fine until this morning, and now all my HomePods (6 minis and 2 OGs) are displaying the same message. None of my commands, scenes, or accessories are working. Siri on my phone still works, but the HomePods seem to think the house is not equipped with any smart devices – even though they have been working fine for over a year. All HomePods and iOS devices are running iOS 16.2." "I have encountered the same issue with one of my 2 OG HomePods today. I have rebooted the device multiple times with no change." HomePod owners have attempted various troubleshooting steps. Some have tried restarting the affected HomePods using the Home app, but this has not resolved the issue. Others have had to completely reset their HomePods and add them as new devices. It is still unclear if there is a specific pattern to these reports. The bug appears to affect both the original HomePods and the HomePod mini, as well as devices running both updated and non-updated versions of iOS 16.2. Ironically, Apple attempted to improve HomeKit's reliability with a new architecture in a 16.2 beta, but had to withdraw it due to its unreliability.

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