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Room-specific commands

Hello good people, Sorry in advance if this has been discussed before, we couldn’t find a thread with the exact answer. In my house I

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Homekit compatibility?

Two questions here I’m sorry lol. So, first I have an LG 50UM6900PUA and on the LG website it is announced that it has homekit

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It feels like Abandonware

I tried to enter everything on HomeKit and found out that I have a choice between this and going all-in to home automation. Integration simply

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Temperature sensor help

I know this has probably been asked a million times, but how often does a smart temperature sensor report to HomeKit? I’ve been trying for

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Lutron Blinds in HomeKit?

I just had shades of lutron sevoia and I installed professionally in my new house. The shades work perfectly in the HomeKit connected to the

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